So here we are in Narva, Estonia

       After missing people and lost luggage one could say it was not the easiest traveling to this city, but let us all think of it as a good omen as one must work for good things, or trials build character, or maybe it was just awful. Personally I like to remember the good stuff, like looking over at an Estonian newspaper and seeing Dilbert. Who knew Estonians liked the comic Dilbert!? Anyways, we can all agree that Russian is not the easiest language to learn, or maybe some don’t, but alas! And so at the first of many Russian spoken breakfasts a small group and I embarked on conversation. Though my speech was littered with too many “umms,” and I kept having to ask for particular words, it was really fun. How enjoyable it is to learn with open people who are willing to say “umm” with you, or give you that elusive word or phrase that could make your day just by hearing and saying it once. I must have learned a hundred things these past few days only to not remember them now. I cannot wait to rediscover them and apply them over and over until I dream in Russian. I wish everyone the best to learn their 100 things and to be ever closer to their goals. 

Virginia Melton 


One thought on “So here we are in Narva, Estonia

  1. Virginia, I remember my first Russian-speaking meal abroad, and I think you captured that sense of trepidation and excitement really nicely! Way back when a professor of mine said to me, “You know the scariest thing about speaking Russian? Opening your mouth and speaking Russian!”
    But nothing’s better than a friendly, humor-filled collective to help muddle through those convoluted attempts to say something. Keep reading Dilbert in Russian: that should be a nice way to get simple phrases!
    Have fun! Dawn

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