White Nights

Welcome to Estonia

Three Pitt Students and a Finnish Photobomber


Since arriving in Narva, we’ve had to quickly grow accustomed to the phenomenon known as “White Nights.” Narva is situated at an extremely northern latitude compared to the continental United States. It in fact sits at the same latitude as Barrow Alaska, if that gives you a better perspective. Being so far north leads to extremely long summer days, 20 hour days to be exact. However, even when the sun officially “sets” the sky remains white.

Narva Night

White Nights in Narva

As intriguing as it may seem, it can pose a sleeping challenge for those of us who are not used to it. While the first few nights were a little rought for those of us who didn’t have blinds, we soon found them at the store. Aside from the intrigue, the white nights also make us feel a little safer when navigating the city and add to its natural beauty. The light offers great views no matter the hour of day!

Watchtower View

Narva Countryside During the Day


-Cameron O’Connell


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