Boats! Boats! Boats!

As other have people mentioned already, our program just wrapped up a great weekend in Tartu. It was a nice change from our usual Narva scenery. A small group of us were recipients of some very warm Estonian hospitality on our way back from exploring the town Saturday night. We were heading back to the hotel when the sound of live music echoing from the docks caught our attention. A crowd of thirty or so locals were gathered on a dock singing and dancing their hearts out at 2:30 am. We wanted to join in the fun and made our way down. Not wanting to look like clueless Americans, we quickly picked up some sweet new dance moves taught to us by an elderly gentleman in a metallic helmet who might have had one too many and later resorted to making shadow puppets by himself against the wall of the dock. But anyways, we learned pretty quickly and next thing you know we are at the front of a conga line and make our way onto someone’s boat. Two very nice Estonian ladies notice we are speaking English and ask us where we are from. We chat with them for a little bit and they offer us drinks and let us chill with them on their boat. We tell them how much we loved Estonia and they seemed ecstatic we were enjoying ourselves. We danced on the boat for a while with our new friends but after a long excursion earlier in the day and one too many Greenday cover songs, we decided to call it a night. We shook the captain’s hand and thanked the locals for allowing us to join in. I think we will remember Tartu as very welcoming city, and our experience at the boat party was definitely a highlight of the weekend.

–Austin Graf


the captain



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