Narva: where the beer is cheaper than water

I have always heard of people saying beer is cheaper than water in Europe, but I never truly experienced it until I arrived in Narva. It is possible to get a beer for around 80 cents while water at the same store will be around 90 cents!  The main beer in Estonia is called Saku. You can compare its size and availability to Budweiser in the U.S., however Saku does not actually taste like cold cat piss, so one point Estonia.  As well as the Saku original pilsner, they also provide a dozen other different styles for around the same price. With styles ranging from an English ale to a German Pilsner you can say that Saku makes some pretty neat brews. The one thing they do not have which I miss very much is hoppy beers. Man I sure miss my ipa’s! However while in Tartu I was able to have a 1000 IBU ipa (normal ipa’s are around 70) so that pretty much made up for my bodies lack of hops these past months!  With cheap, great beer also comes great responsibility and in this department Narva sorely lacks.  It has one of the highest alcoholic percentages in Estonia and is very common to see how this affects a vast percentage of the population. It actually makes me more careful of how much I drink here…soooo thank you Narva alcoholics for inspiring me to not become you.


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