Summer Days in Tartu

This past weekend certainly didn’t disappoint!  The time we spent in Tartu was some of the best time we’ve had on this trip, so far.  We left from Narva on Friday afternoon, driving three and a half hours to arrive at our destination.  The first night, we toured the city of Tartu to get the general layout and visited a fraternity house.  Following the tour, we had the opportunity to go to the best дискотека (dance club) in Tartu, called Atlantas, located about five minutes away from the hotel.

The next day was packed!  We toured multiple “active” cemeteries to start our day.  Each grave site was neat, well-maintained, and had flowers and other decorations, which gave off a vibe of the celebration of life, rather than the mourning of death.  We continued the day by swimming in a lake, visiting a farm-like museum, hiking, and eating at a home-style restaurant.  We even had the opportunity to take part in Estonian tradition at the dinner table.  Once we had all eaten, the head of the house came to each person individually and served us a shot of homemade moonshine (all ~40 of us)!  After this, we returned to the city of Tartu for the remainder of the excursion. 

Later on, a group of five or six of us went to a local cigar lounge for a while and smoked some good Cubans!  To close out the night, we toured the city and visited a cathedral, numerous monuments, and the river.  Overall, Tartu has been a phenomenal experience, filled with unexpected memories.


– Keegan Newton


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