The Past Week

On Wednesday afternoon, a few of us went to the local youth center for a program with high school students. We played simple word games, yet since everyone was speaking Russian, I found it kinda difficult. The locals were giving me looks as I struggled to form coherent sentences in Russian. Still, they helped where possible and it was still a lot of fun. They want us to come back and also do a program to help them learn English, so it should be fun.

That evening, we celebrated the Fourth of July at Narva Castle. It was awesome! The food was great, hamburgers and hot dogs as the appetizers and brisket as the main course. Overall, it was a fun evening.

On Thursday, we went on a tour of WW2 sites around Narva. Narva was the site of a massive battle between the German Army and Red Army. The interesting thing is that Estonians were on both sides, and the German Army was mixed with Finnish, Latvian, and Lithuanian volunteers. Basically, these people just wanted to kill as many Soviets as possible. Another very interesting day and photos should be uploaded.

This weekend we went to Tartu. This city is home to the University of Tartu and is a fascinating place. The architecture is incredible and the town itself is very cool. Lots of interesting shops and very good ice cream. By and large, a great weekend.




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