“Stay-At-Home” Saturday in Narva

This weekend we had no official excursions. We had no wake up call. We simply had a relaxing, free weekend. But just because it we had no group excursions or places to be does not necessarily mean that the weekend was without adventure.

Saturday was very relaxing with a group of us getting breakfast, hanging out in the hotel, and then going to a hookah lounge. On top of all that we even had time to go get some nice pizza and take a solid nap. Later, I along with a group of friends went and checked out the Narva Bike Festival, which is an annual gathering of bikers and bike enthusiasts from around Eastern Europe. It was so interesting seeing how the concept surrounding “bike culture” translated here in Eastern Europe. They dress the same. Listen to the same music. And share a natural disdain for the system. After Narva Bike, we all began to mosey on over to the local night club here, which, thankfully, is across the street from a McDonalds (nothing like a little taste of home!)

A couple hours later and after a significant blow was given to our wallets, we set off for home. But even that was an adventure, as I was flagged down by a biker couple as they were helping a man up off the ground. The man’s name was Ludwig, and I had just seen him in the nightclub so full of energy and vigor; but now he was lying on the ground bleeding from his head, incoherent and unresponsive. Thankfully, some of my new friends from the club came outside and helped me by calling the paramedics. After seeing Ludwig get loaded into the ambulance, I could now go home and put a period at the end of the day’s crazy story.


Greg Markiw


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