Versace glock in my glove box

WARNING: You won’t understand every reference in this blog. That’s okay, I will try to help explain.

New Discovery: Estonians are genuinely kind people. Referring to a few including the sweetest lady who lead Nastia and I to the correct train.  After our stop at Tapa she surprised us by making us take a selfie with her so she could brag about her “new American friends.” We’re diplomats. Side note: all conversations were in Russian. Next would be Kaarel. Our tour guide from Tartu for those who don’t remember. Thank you for giving us your flat for the weekend and letting us escape from Narva. Enjoy Paris and the IPAs we left as a gift.

Rediscovery: Rammstein

New Discovery: To become president I must either bribe my way to the top or maybe topple a government. Congratulations Chandler, your liberalism won that day.

Rediscovery: Free tap water. Thank you Tartu.

New Discovery: Estonian love for American music.

Including: Careless Whisper, Stand By Me, American angsty music I listened to in High-school. (S/O Kellar bar, Tartu)

Rediscovery: Jon’s love of Chief Keef. These women do love Sosa.

New Discovery: Fancy crepes in Tartu

Rediscovery: Making friends is fun. Shoutout to the Narnia rudebois, our Friday traditsias, and to the gunpowder cellar for hosting our first meeting of minds.

New Discovery: Euros tend to be spent like monopoly money on weekends. S/O to Tartu. Including kellar bar, gunpowder cellar, Yakuza sushi bar, weird Hipster bar, and Kaarels favorite hangout spot.

Rediscovery: My mom’s concerned phone calls about my bank account and my skills in table tennis. Undefeated at the weird Hipster bar. It felt like I was in the Olympics representing the US.

And now exam prep time. Reality is back. Boo reality boooo.

By: Jon Edwards

P.S. The entire time I was typing this my phone was reflecting sunlight in some kids eyes. Shouldn’t have laughed when I didn’t know what the train ticket lady was saying. Eat brick kid.


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