Beaches, and Monasteries, and Mines! Oh my!

When I first found out about the excursion we were going to do this weekend, I honestly wasn’t too thrilled about it, especially since everyone is so excited about going to Helsinki, Finland next weekend.  Once we started yesterday’s activities, though, I realized how many opportunities it had in store.

We started out our day by going to a view point at a lake.  We only spend half an hour there, but it was enough time for everyone to have a good time and get some scenic pictures!  Our second stop was an old mine in Estonia, which was really neat!  When we arrived, we put on our helmets and mining jackets and descended into the 8 degree (celcius) temperature mine for a guided tour.  We explored some of the tunnels, rode on a mine cart, and got back on the bus and went to the beach for a while.  To end the day, we went to a monastery, drank some “holy water,” and ate some really good bread with meat cooked inside.  Overall, this weekend was fantastic.  It’s really neat what all you can learn about, even when being away from the classroom setting.

On an unrelated note, when Tyler and I were exercising this week, a group of young children came up to us and started conversing with us.  We had a pretty basic conversation with them, which was pretty neat.  After our conversation, they kids wanted to join us on our card deck workout.  They ended up working out some and hung around for the next ~45 minutes pulling out random cards, telling us what to do for a workout.  Even though this was a small thing, it’s been a personal highlight of this trip.

– Keegan Newton


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