This weekend

This weekend we went on an excursion to a mining museum and Russian Orthodox convent. Plus, we stopped at a couple beaches, one on the Gulf of Finland and the other on the 4th largest lake in Europe.

The mining museum was pretty cool. We got to go down into an old mine and see how it operated. This included riding in a mine car and seeing all the old mining equipment in operation. It was very interesting and a well welcomed respite from the brutal heat outside.

We then stopped at a couple beaches where we relaxed for a couple hours. They were beautiful!

Lastly, we went to Russian Orthodox convent. I wish I could have taken pictures, but it was not allowed. The church was beautiful, with lots of gold ornaments and other Orthodox symbols. The fascinating thing was that it survived both World War 2, the battle front was only a few kilometers from the church, and the Soviet occupation. Quite a sight to behold!

-Greg Milhiser


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