Gangs of Narva – From an Expert

I don’t know why the graffiti here gives me such a giggle, but it definitely does! The few english sayings lazily scrawled on the side of a select few buildings, are the absolute best. I’ve discovered that the graffiti on the buildings gives each one its own personality. From the moment we pulled up to our общежитий and saw “I don’t give a (f-word)” beautifully written on the corner of the front wall I think we all knew what was coming. I’ve seen “fruittime” and “november”, “Иисуса” and my personal favorite “VIP cat home”. You can view that one on the back side of Dom 10 next to our dorm. 

Then, there are the major Narva gangs. You can find the Robot Monkey Gang territory marked by, well, a robot monkey. They are quite the artistic gang I have to admit and you are sure to find these monkeys almost every where you go. Next, we have PACS. This is more of a simplistic gang who marks their territory with just those four letters. Sometimes they mix it up and add a little circle thing above the A to make “PÅCS”. Their territory spreads out far, an their marking was even spotted at the Graffiti Fortress in Tallinn. Some minor gangs include, ABX whose territory is mainly concentrated near the college (they even trademark their graffiti) and the Bumblebees who are marked with a giant bee. Whatever street you are on, you are sure to come across one of these markings. 

I’ve asked a few local Narvians about the gangs/graffiti, but with no luck. If anyone has any leads as to the real meaning of these pictures please let me know. 

Also, be sure to check out the astronaut in the alleyway behind Old Trafford. That was done by the graffiti artist Banksy – true story, read it in Моя Нарва.

– Chandler Alston


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