Wildlife of Narva

So unfortunately it’s my turn to write a blog post this week. Which don’t get me wrong I love the idea and I love being able to write about my trip here. The only problem is I literally have no idea about what to right about. So… I kind of just randomly came up with this and decided that it might entertain some people. So, here you go!

Coming to Narva, I expected a very modern European city (something like Helsinki, which was amazing) but instead I got a very rundown city that sometimes has a gloomy vibe to it.  But Narva isn’t all bad, it has a lot of good restaurants and so much history and background, it’s not even funny. But to be honest, I think most people in the group agree that Narva could use some remodeling.

But despite all this the one thing I absolutely love about Narva is the over populations of cats. Like, dead serious. I am such a cat lady and I’m only 20 years old, it’s an issue.  (but actually)  I mean one of the things that I am looking forward to doing when I get home is showing my cats how much I have missed and loved them by  holding them against me and whispering I love you repeatedly as they struggle to escape from my arms. (I sound so creepy, but if you have cats I feel like you might understand… or it could be just me… I promise I’m not an animal abuser) So when I got to Narva I was kind of super excited to see cats just roaming around, despite the fact that they might not be the “friendliest” or “cleanest” cats. It was still kind of too much for my cat loving heart to take though, and soon enough I had chosen my favorite cats in Narva.

One is named Boris. He is white and orange and just lays everywhere, everyday. And I know this because one time I was walking past boris and his owner came up and was like “Boris! Why are you sleeping?” “You sleep every day!”(the owner said more but let’s face it my russian is not on par and I was impressed that I could understand that much) But he is really cute and really sweet and super lazy so it’s really simple to pet him, and if you would like to see Boris for yourself he favorite spot is in front of the apartment building on the way to Narva college. He likes to sit under the trees. I think he also has a little buddy that is pretty cute, but unfortunately I have not had any success with that one. (By the end of the trip I will pet his buddy though, it will happen.)

My second favorite cat has no name. I don’t even know if it has an owner. But it’s a cute little black cat that I stumbled upon while walking to Selver (the local grocery store of Narva). This cat caught my eye because of the way it was trying to sneak up on a group of pigeons. The cats in Narva are pretty rough, so it wasn’t to surprising, but what had me surprised was the fact that this cat was a kitten. Unfortunately, it didn’t catch a pigeon, but I also didn’t have to see it catch a pigeon, so that was nice. But it seemed kind of down about it, so I walked up and gave it a little scratch on the head, cause let’s face it, it takes gut for a small little kitten to sneak up on pack of pigeons. But at last, this cat is not a cat I see regularly, but each time I manage to catch it, I can’t help but smile.

So yea that is the natural wilderness of Narva. Cats… and some pigeons I guess, but they are kind of being hunted by the cats so who knows how long they will be around. But despite the rough first impression the cats in Narva are really sweet and every time I pass some, I just want to go buy cat food for them and choose one to smuggle onto the plane (Boris being my first choice).

…this post, seriously. Probably one of the weirdest post to exist on this blog, but hopefully some found it entertaining. I mean if you couldn’t tell I really do love cats and I am currently missing my own like crazy. But I will see them soon and until then the cats of Narva will just have to put up with me and my horrible obsession of cats… gosh, I need a hobby.

Anjela Lusk


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