College Cuisine

As many of us are getting closer to going home, I have noticed to be getting more and more “American” food cravings. Just to list a few, the most popular things have been CHIPOTLE, PEANUT BUTTER, FRUIT SMOOTHIES,  IHOP and TACO BELL. I don’t know what else screams, American college student more than that. I have yet to have seen a crispy strip of bacon the entire time here in Estonia- even though they claim to have “bacon.” Which ends up being either very undercooked, fatty strips of pork or just cut up cubes of ham. (End of rant)

However, the College of Narva has spoiled us rotten with a delicious meal every day we have class! So let me give you a show and tell of all the deliciousness we have eaten! Don’t worry parents, they didn’t starve us (on weekdays)! Most meals served consisted of a soup, the main dish of a meat and 2 side dishes, and a dessert.

I also added some personal meals to the slideshow. Приятного аппетит!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


-Sarah Graupp


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