So Far, So Good

                So as our time here in Estonia is drawing to an end I’ve come to realize a few important things. First off Estonia is a pretty awesome place to be. I’ll admit when I first heard that our trip to Russia had been cancelled and that instead we were to be going to a little country that I scarcely knew anything about, I was a bit bummed. However now having been in the country for a few weeks I’ve come to the conclusion that those feeling were completely misplaced. Not only is the land itself exceedingly beautiful but the people are nothing short of awesome. It seems that most the people living in this country, excluding Narva of course, live with a smile on their face. Secondly the food here is down-right scrumptious and hearty to boot. You just can’t beat a diet of meat, bread, and soup. Though it’s probably good that I’ll be leaving soon or else I fear I’d come to resemble the Pillsbury dough boy! All in all this has been a pretty rockin’ trip so far and I’m looking forward to these last couple of weeks!


Josh Shepard


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