Finally Here

Like a few other people, this is my first time traveling abroad. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined finding myself in as odd of a place as Estonia. I started university planning on becoming an engineer. After a change of plans, I started studying Russian and absolutely loved it. This program feels like the culmination of two years of studying, and I love finally practicing what I’ve learned in a practical context. Though the Yakutsk cancellation was a disappointment, Narva has not exactly dissatisfied my desire to see Russian culture. I feel like I have gotten a taste of both Europe and Russia by studying on the border. Tartu felt like the European get-away that many American students experience while abroad, but Narva has the feel of a small Russian any-town. After the past few weeks, I have grown to love Narva and it’s ridiculous graffiti / town inhabitants. I feel that my language skills have improved and I am finally getting a sense of cultural understanding with people of a different nationality.  


– Colin Strickland 


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