A Confused Restaurant

                On Sunday Lindsey and I went to Helsinki and explored the city. The city was absolutely beautiful and I am glad that we were able to go and see a different country. We ended up walking around the city and exploring the street. We spent some time at the market square. Afterwards we decided that it would be a good idea to grab some food before heading on the ferry.

                Since we have been in Estonia for so long, we were missing the Mexican and Chinese kind of food that we loved. So we decided to try out one of the Mexican restaurants in Helsinki. The food was expensive as it was interesting. Water was free as Lindsey found out. (Surprisingly!) But the salsa was sweet and the guacamole was a weird pasty mixed. (I honestly don’t want to know what was in it.) But we got a lot more food than expected. We both ordered burritos, which was nothing like you would expect in the States. It had meat and melted cheese, some sour cream, and crazy enough, an actual salad in the burrito. (Cucumbers and everything). Weird! Everything wasn’t inside the tortilla but almost under it.

                This wasn’t the weirdest thing! Lindsey and I started to notice things. The music wasn’t Mexican or Latin by any sense of the word. The music was American, like old rock. The decoration was, as Lindsey pointed out, Native American and Mayan (which I guess counts). There were Heineken tent coverings outside of the restaurant for the guests who wanted to sit outside. The funniest out of all, an Asian couple came in the restaurant and sat two tables away from us. Talk about a confused restaurant. A so-called Mexican restaurant with Native American decorations and American rock music advertising Germany beer with Asian customers in Finland.

                Now I have seen it all!

-By: Jessica Hawkins


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