Time Flies

There is an interesting phenomenon that I have noticed while here.

Although we have only been here for 6 and a half weeks it feels as if we have been here for the better part of a year. It seems like we’ve been with the people here for the longest time, when in reality most of us met for the first time only a month or so ago.

Maybe it’s that we are learning a year’s worth of Russian while here… Maybe it’s the closely packed schedule and consistency with which we see the people here.

The amount of things that happen here in such a small time is definitely equal to that of a normal year. Instead of having all our events spread out as usual, everything is so jammed packed. The brain and heart have barely enough time to realize just what’s happening before something new comes up.

The outside world (meaning back home) hasn’t quite affected us since we’ve been here. We’ve made our own little world to live in, and it seems most of us don’t wish to leave (myself included). Although, the closer it comes to the end, the more the outside world starts to push itself in.

There’s no time to waste as the end approaches quickly. We must all spend as much time as we can with each other, doing the things we want to, while still keeping up with work and the like.

Here’s to a great last week and a half! Let us make as many more memories as possible while we still can.


– Anastasia


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