Church Crawl

Opposed to the Pub Crawl of the groups sinners we held a Church Crawl this morning. Greg happens to be an Orthodox Christian and was gracious enough to show us his world. With candles in hand we approached the hoard of hooded Babushki who were piously praying. With candles flaring and icons staring down at us we listed to the booming voice of the deacon as he roared in old church Slavonic. The service was quite eventful from confession to communion and one babushka who was about to adopt Greg it was quite an adventure. After that we stopped in for some breakfast before heading of to our next destination, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church). It was a lot more humble than Greg’s Church, yet peaceful none the less. Olga would have been proud of our singing in Russian. Are we the only ones in the group going to heaven? Maybe



James Kennedy


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