Coming Home

So this is our last week here in Narva. It is really crazy to think that we have already been here 7 weeks! I have met so many amazing people while staying here. From locals I’ve met in bars, to other kids on this trip from schools such as Virginia Tech, San Diego State, and of course Pitt, these people have truly made an imprint on my life that will not go away with time. I would be remised to not also mention my favorite group of dudes on this trip: Narvia’s Rudeboiz. I would not have been able to keep my sanity on this trip if I did not have these super dudes to go out on adventures with and generally just be rude.

But I digress. As much fun as I have had here, my heart is calling me home. Back to my family, friends, and loved ones. Back to free water in restaurants, water without carbonation, or just the ability to drink water from the tap! Back to American-sized portions and hamburgers and pizza. American Chinese food that doesn’t give me food poisoning. Back to a country where I understand everything being said and can coherently formulate a logical response to a question.

These days here in Narva and all of Estonia have been a rollercoaster of experiences, for all of which I will forever be grateful. But I think it is now time to get off the cliché soapbox that every student who travels abroad rambles on and end this post. For those of you at home reading this, get ready, cuz Greggy’s coming home.


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