Nearing the End

As we embark on the battery of tests coming up this week, I have come to realize one thing. As much fun as I thought this program was going to be, I could not have thought that I would have gotten as close as I did to everyone in the program, and made friends that I know I will try to see as much as humanly possible. From church crawls after extended weekend shenanigans to two different churches, to extended discussions with Beata on the intricacies of Russian grammar, to jumping into every single Estonian body of water imaginable, to excursions and singing good old American songs on super long bus rides through picturesque Estonia with the half of the program. I could not have imagined a better trip with anyone else.

But the last shoutout has to go Narva’s best and brightest, the Rudeboiz. If it wasn’t for these bros, the summer would not have been have as much fun as it was. There are not enough words in the English language (Russian definitely does, but I digress) for me to describe the respect and bro-love I have for these A+ dudes. As we go our separate ways in the next couple of days, keep it real, like we always do and we’ll all go high places.

Without a doubt, one of the best summers of my life. Saying goodbye is going to be hard. Even to Narva, with its post-Soviet depressing charm. This summer will be a hard one to beat.

-Haris Kalajdzic


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