The Trip

This is the first time that I have been across the Atlantic and its been unlike anything I could have imagined. My new place acquires some pretty dope used needles and broken alcohol bottles every night and makes me feel like I’m in soviet Russia, but the roaming drunken parties that are held outside, whether it be day or night, totally make up for it. Hah. But it really has been a sweet experience: had some awesome food, met some great people, and now have a number of stories to go back with; I’ve experienced a culture I had only seen in movies, swam in the Baltic Sea, got kicked out of a hostile for trying to house too many people, tried to swim to Russia, technically invaded via bus, saw and heard the legendary song festival, partied for American independence in a castle, went to Finland in a cruise ship, ate reindeer, killed a guy, explored, and met a bunch of locals and partook in their seemingly national pastime. Okay, one of these isn’t true, but I bet you couldn’t figure out which one it is. Oh yeah, and I learned some Russian too.. totally forgot about that. 


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