Music, music, music, and ummmm well…music

So my blog post is off topic from most of everyone else’s, however, I will post it anyway. Over the past several weeks (as many of the other members of our group know) I have been glued to my computer during most breaks during the week. Why might you ask? Well ever since I was young, I was addicted to music and maybe it was too many visits to Geneva while I have been here or maybe it finally hit me, but I have finally gotten into actually DJing for other people. So far, I have received support from everyone who has listened to my one mix I made here. So much support, that I plan not only to continue DJing in the fall but I also plan to start producing my own music. Yes, that means original songs and melodies. Luckily for me, I have a SigEp fraternity brother who already produces his own music and a Masonic brother who is a professional DJ. My goal isn’t to be famous or make tons of money with music. If I can make someone’s day or night due to a song I produce then I will be happy. I will be sure to share with all of you any music I do create and I welcome criticism (hopefully not too harsh). For now, here is a link to my first mix and the music of a brother of mine who already produces his own music. I encourage you to listen! Especially to my brother who is far more talented at this point. Thank you all for your support! – Joseph McClain

My mix:

Arjun’s mix (my brother):


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